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Next Books

Here are the next 4 books we’ll be discussing and the dates of the live zoom calls. Once you sign up you’ll get more information.

September '21

"Creativity" by John Cleese (2020)

Zoom: No live zoom
Podcast: 21/09/2

October '21

"Messy" by Tim Hartford (2016)

Zoom: 14/10/2021 21.00 CET
Podcast: 26/10/2021

November '21

"Against Creativity" by Oli Mould (2020)

Zoom: 18/11/21 21.00 CET
Podcast: 30/11/21

December '21

"How to Do Nothing" by Jenny Odell (2021)

Zoom: 16/12/21 21.00 CET
Podcast: 28/12/21