Day One, Start Over Again

Alanis Morissett’s (lesser-known and undervalued) song “Not as We” captures the moment of giving up (or being forced to give up) all that you know and starting the next day from scratch. In her case she focuses on the end of a romantic relationship, in mine it’s the end of a professional way of life. Nevertheless, the base sentiment is the same and I have committed myself to start again from scratch.

It’s a blank page, an empty canvas, a minefield of opportunity, the chance of a life time…

… And yet it’s also uncertainty. In a best case scenario it will be a while before I get paid at the end of the month, and there is no guarantee that life in the “Step Up Create” world will be better. Or is there? I wonder if I am my own guarantee – if we all are –  I’ve experienced so much over the past 15 years working that I have to trust that I have, at very least, learnt what I don’t want to do, and thus what does inspire me.

Coaches, self-help books, colleagues and friends all seem to agree that I need to be somewhere creative, a special creative zone where a difference can be made. I’ve been lucky that until now, I’ve created a lot professionally, I’ve started new initiatives, sold new services in new global markets, designed stuff, pitched ideas… Yet there is a great need for companies to move being the vacuous claims that their brand breathes creativity and innovation to a place where these are really, truly valued.

So, I’ve decided to step up and create something. To take the plunge and move beyond the constraints of what one company has to offer or what I can offer one company. I’m like a cartoon character with a whirlwind of ideas spinning above their head. But so far I like this place. It’s a place of possibility and change, of uncertainty and evolution, but it’s my place. And I’m not alone.mixture-239 copy

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