Step Up Create

Bridging the gap between Creativity and Business

Creative training and coaching for companies

What we offer

Executive and Team Coaching

We work with your C-suite and high potentials, supporting them through decision-making, transitions and team leadership. We design high-impact coaching plans with our clients that fit perfectly with their company’s goals and the professionals’ aspirations.

Tailor-made Training

We tailor our training to the needs of our clients. Using our wide range of business, creative and professional development methodologies we create impactful programmes with lasting results.  

Creative Team-building

What better way to develop teams than to have them create something together? We offer half, one and two day creative team building sessions, where teams also develop their innovation and communication skills.  

Popular In-company Programmes

What better way to develop team than having them create something together? Our Art-Full Connections workshops use different expressive arts (painting, music, theatre, etc) to place participants out of their comfort zones in an uncertain world, where they need to work as a team to complete one or more challenges. These workshops are not only excellent for team-building but also develop communication, creativity and leadership skills. They can also be used as assessment centres with a team of coaches observing and reporting on each participant.

Would you like to  enhance team creativity and then apply it directly to your business? Design Thinking might be for you. We have extensive experience in running Design Thinking processes in established companies, start-ups and teams. Whether your aim is to develop concrete prototypes for products, services or systems, or simply build connection between your teams, Design Thinking is an excellent hands-on way to foster connection. The 5-stage process can be condensed into an intensive week or spread out over various months depending on your needs.  

Where would we be without effective communication? Actually, we’d be right where we are because for many companies, excellent communication is still not the norm. In this flexible programme, designed to fit perfectly with your company’s needs, we offer modules on: communication styles and interpersonal communication, conflict management, storytelling, powerful presentation skills, impactful online communication, communicating under pressure, and thoughtful improvised communication. 

Personal Brand for Executives

If your leaders and known, so is your business.

Lego Serious Play

Develop your team or company strategy through play

Play in a Day

Improvisation skills for an uncertain world.

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It’s hard to lead in a world of constant change. We help your teams and executives develop their leadership skills, whatever challenges they face.


You know creativity is more then post-its and colourful offices. We help your teams to harness their creativity and apply it to your business for lasting impact. 


In a world where communication is everything. We help our clients develop their interpersonal, on- and off-line communication and presentation skills. 


High-impact teams are not born but made. We support our clients with systemic and team coaching to increase connection and get the most out of your teams. 

About Katie

Katie is founder of Step Up Create and our lead facilitator and coach. She a Certified Professional Coach (PCC) and holds an MBA ESADE Business School.

Katie has extensive experience in in-company and executive training and coaching, having facilitated courses in English and Spanish in 10 countries. 

As well as leading Step Up Create, she is a member of the People Management and Organisation Department at ESADE Business School and regularly teaches and coaches on the Masters, MBA and Executive Programmes. 

Before starting Step Up Create, Katie spent 16 years travelling the world in international strategy and communications roles in the education and legal sectors. 

She is trained in Organisational Relations and Systems Coaching (ORSC), Co-Active Coaching, Lego Serious Play, and Advanced Design Thinking Facilitation, among others.