How to build your LinkedIn profile (a video!)

I’ve finally made a video! It’s the first one I’ve published since 1998, and it includes my first attempt at a music composition (inspired but the type of thing airlines play when they want you to leave the plane as quickly as possible) so I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself right now. Ok, Ok, it’s not the world’s most creative video, but I hope it’s useful.

I’ve put it together as the first part of a blended-learning class on LinkedIn I’m teaching (if you are one of my students, lucky you! ;-). ¬†The idea is that having seen the video participants work on their profiles before their initial class with me in person. This means that we can dedicate in-class time to really helping them with hurdles they have encountered, and move on with actually using LinkedIn for networking.

Anyway, I hope to post more videos up here as time goes on, so watch this space for special effects I’ll be learning soon.

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