How to find time for creativity

So you want to develop your creativity but can’t seem to find the time. Here are some ideas.

Video transcript:

Hi everyone I’m Katie, I’m an artist business coach and founder of Step Up Create, and I had quite a few people talking to me about finding time to create and isn’t it great to be creative, it’s great to have these ideas of developing my creativity but how on earth can I find time for that. So just like to talk a little bit about that today.

And I’d like to address it through three different areas so we’re going to talk about when, how and where.

So in terms of when. One thing that’s really interesting is to think about your day. Think about how you behave during the day, there will be moments when you are more creative and moments when you are less creative you might be a morning person you might be an evening person. This is not just something that is made up, there’s actually science behind this.

And if you’re really interested in this read Dan Pink’s book “When”, which tells you all about the different scientific experiments that have been done on establishing when is the best time for you to do something, there is a moment in your day or there are moments in your day when you are more creative when you are more open to a creative process, and identifying those is super important because once you identify them, you can create in those, those times, and by creating I don’t mean drawing or painting or whatever, I also mean doing the creative part of your job. in those times and just be much more efficient.

The other important thing is to think about it as not needing massive blocks of time to do this, you could just have 10 minutes, and create something. So being able to focus on. When is the best time for you to create and to avoid this thinking around.

Now, I have to have this massive amount of space in order to create the next thing is all about where, so sometimes we fall into the trap I know I do this, of thinking we can only create in one space, or we need a massive space to create, that’s true if you’re creating huge oil paintings or acrylics or something that involves really dirty processes, but if you’re working on developing your creativity you really don’t need a massive space so sometimes I think I need to be in my studio in order to create, and that is absolute rubbish. I can be creative on the bus, I can be creative in my house at my desk, wherever else so you don’t need to step out of the office, in order to be creative, that’s kind of something that’s made up.

Yes, it’s true that if you are surrounded by your things that inspire you, they might help you to be more creative, but we need to get away from this idea that I can only create in a certain place.

And finally, we talk about how to be creative, and there’s this huge myth that I really dislike around creatives and that is that we’re all totally disorganised hippies and go with the flow, and no one has a plan. Just no objectives, it’s something completely spiritual. There might be some people that works for but most successful creatives have a plan have several plans, plans that are working at the same time, for example, to develop their art, and also to develop their business.

So, the idea that being creative is unplanned is absolute rubbish, what the best way to work with. Being creative is to create a plan, and creating a plan not just around okay what do I want to create, but just to use a plan every day to think about what are my three main things I want to achieve today. And if you’re particularly focused on developing your creativity, add a fourth one which is your creativity task just identify those things and do them write them down somewhere and do them.

There are lots of planners that can help you with this, but basically you just write it down in a notebook, each morning or in the evening when you finished your previous day, to really focus on. Okay, what am I going to do today, how am I going to make that time, you can put it in your Outlook or whatever, you can create that space and make it formal, and that way you will guard, this time for your creativity and as I said before, it doesn’t need to be four hours, it could be 10 minutes and just in 10 minutes focusing on doing a specific creative task that you need to get done or you’d like to get done, can really help develop your creativity.

So hope that’s answered a little bit around the idea of how do I make time for creativity.

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