How to take a creative approach to personal brand

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Hi everyone I’m Katie artist business coach and founder of Step Up Create, and today I thought I’d talk about creating and building your personal brand.

Now you might think, what has this got to do with creativity, this is totally off topic. Well, I would argue that your personal brand is a really important part of living your creative life.

So, it’s something that I’ve really struggled with. And the reason I’m talking about it now is because I’ve been teaching a class on it. So I’ve taught personal brand for many years but haven’t really felt very comfortable with it until I started to think about it in this way. This is the way that really helps me to think about personal brand, in a way that fits with living my creative life.

It’s really simple, it’s that personal brand has two, it’s two circles. Okay. One is you. And specifically, authentic you. And the other here is, others perception. So you’ve got you, and other people’s perception of you, personal brand is what you do, just here.

It is not recreating this it is not like a huge sort of firework display of, Hey look at this is something I’m something completely different from what I really am. It is not that it is, you authentic you understanding yourself, and then being able to try and influence a little bit, other people’s perception of you, you can’t control this at all, but you can influence it a little bit, and how you influence this is going to have to do with how you dress, how you express yourself all this stuff that we know about personal brand, but the most important part here is you.

And that connects with understanding yourself, Being aware, taking responsibility, all of this part of personal branding. And this bit here is taking that responsibility, being creative, how, how am I expressing myself, how am I looking at myself taking a zoom out and thinking, okay, this is me this is what I want to explain about me. This is what other people seem to be understanding what is here that I want to be here. That somehow is not going across.

And if I can figure out how to make that go across, by trying different things by using a creative process, then maybe I can actually influence a little bit others’ perception therefore influence change my personal brand.

This has been a huge thing for me and I guess most of you probably don’t think of it like this, I don’t know, because for years, I kept thinking that personal branding was all about trying to control this. (others perception) And if you get stuck in trying to control this. There’s no way, you cannot control other people’s perception so everything that you do here, is going to be problematic. and especially if you’re starting here from authenticity.

And this part was really important to me. So how can I understand myself how can I understand my motivations, how can I think about what I would like other people to see me as, and how that connects with exactly who I am. But this part here was something that I was thinking was false and difficult because I know that I don’t want to tell people things that I’m not, I’m not trying to create this distraction here.

So, now I think about it like this I’m feeling pretty happy about it, I felt pretty happy, delivering the course, and being able to focus, kind of 80% on this part, and only 20% on this part.

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