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Katie Annice Carr coach

Are you ready to lead your creative life?

We can help you to reach your full potential in business and in life through harnessing your innate creativity 

Choose a creative approach to your biggest challenges

Creativity isn’t just about coming up with something new, it’s also about taking conscious decisions about how you respond to different situations. Here are some areas we’ve supported our clients in. 

Life Design

Business & Career


Our Coaching Packages

Lead Your Creative Life

Our 12 week high-impact coaching programme.

Design your coaching plan

A coaching plan tailored to your needs, usually 6-8 sessions. 

Power Hours

A 1 hour session to help you get unstuck on a specific issue. 

in company coaching

In-company coaching

Coaching plans designed with HR partners for executives.

Hi, I'm Katie!

I’m a certified coach (PCC), art and Gestalt therapist and facilitator with extensive experience in helping ambitious professionals reach their full potential while also enjoying life and exploring their creativity through the arts. I’m also a lecturer and coach at ESADE Business school.

I have an unusual collection of qualifications and wide business experience, all of which I bring to my coaching. I have found it particularly powerful to use storytelling in coaching to help my clients design their future narratives  in a more connected, authentic way. 

How we work

Honouring the past for a purposeful present

We reconnect with stories from your past to plug into what makes you, you. In respecting and honouring your past we are able to design and implement sustainable changes in the present.

Developing attention in the here and now

We focus on what’s  happening to you in the present moment. You become aware of your internal dialogue, limiting beliefs, and what might be stopping you from achieving your goals and enjoying the process.

Harnessing your creativity for a bright future

We help you stay connected to the future story you would like to write. Through developing your personal creativity style, you become the protagonist of your life, purposefully writing your own story. 

Our Coaching

We are committed to the very best coaching and adapt our methodology to the client. Here are some of our influences.

Take Back Control of Your Life Story