Starting October 18th, 2021

Free 5-Day Find Your Stories Challenge

Do you struggle to find good stories to tell even though you’ve done some interesting things? Well guess what, you’re not alone. 

This free 5-day challenge will help you to find and shape your stories, whether you want to use them to inspire others, make sense of your life or market your business. 

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Why would I want to find my stories?

Storytelling is a powerful tool in business and in life. It is considered one of the best ways to  persuade someone, appealing to both logic and emotions. By finding and developing your true stories you can excel in selection processes, create powerful presentations and inspire your teams.

What to expect

Five video tutorials

Each day of the challenge you will receive a video tutorial introducing your to the day’s challenge.

Five story prompts

Every day you will work on a true story from your past, we will send you a prompt to help you. 

Five story formats

There are many different ways to tell stories, each day you will get to know a different one.

Five challenge tasks

Storytelling is all about practice, every day you will be given an exercise to flex your storytelling muscles. 

Two live Q&A webinars

We will run live Q&A webinars on Tuesday 5th October and Friday 8th October. Recordings will also be available.

One dedicated Facebook group

We have created a dedicated pop-up Facebook group for the challenge. You will be invited to join once you sign up.

Want to harness the power of storytelling?

Identify and develop 5 key personal stories in our free 5-day Find Your Story Challenge.

Ready to find your stories?

To sign up for this free challenge, just give us your name and e-mail and you’re in (no need for any further details). 

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