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September 14, 2021
The Step Up Create Podcast
The Step Up Create Podcast

Show Notes

Wellcome to the Step Up Create Podcast where we’ll be talking about creativity and leading a creative life for you and your business. Here’s a quick taster of what we sound like.

Have you ever wondered what the Hell creativity is? and why are we being told we need more of it? Hi my name’s Katie Annice Carr and you’re listening to  the Step Up Create Podcast. 

This is a podcast for people of all creative persuasions, whether your inspiration comes from designing businesses painting pictures or watching Netflix, we’ll be discussing issues through honest open conversations, and hopefully having some fun doing it. Our aim is to inspire you to lead your life and your business with creativity in play. 

We’ve got four different types of episodes for you to look forward to. There are shorter solo episodes where I’ll look at one aspect of creativity, and leading your creative life, there are guest episodes where I’ll be interviewing and normal person leading a creative life, there are find and raise your voice episodes with me and Vishal Thacker, about the importance and challenges of telling our own stories. And there’s a monthly book club episode, where we’ll focus on one book and examine the content and issues it raises. 

If you’d like to find out more about Step Up Create and the Step Up Create Podcast you can go to  You can also follow us on all types of social media, just search for Step Up Create.

The Step Up create podcast goes beyond the rainbow jumpers, the painty hand pictures and the post it note walls, to find out what creativity really is and how it can help us to live better lives. So join me Katie Annice Carr, and my guests in our Step Up Create Podcast coming out every Tuesday. 

This podcast is written, produced and presented by Katie Annice Carr, with original music composed and performed by Jonathan David Miller.

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