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Powerful Storytelling Course

Powerful Storytelling Course

You put effort into your communication but your carefully designed graphs and infographics are not quite having the impact you thought they would. Perhaps you would like to find a way to talk about what you do that really connects with others? Or maybe you know that you can be more inspiring to your team, but you feel something is holding you back. Taking our powerful storytelling course can help with all of these. 

Our 6-week online, live course will help you to develop your skill in purposeful storytelling for business. We have spaces for up to 25 people to ensure that you get the personalised attention and coaching that you need. This won’t be another online course that you sign up for and never finish.

Powerful Storytelling course

Next edition: February 12th – March 22nd 2024

Live times: Tuesdays 8pm -10pm (CET)

Format: Online modules and live Zoom class

Duration: 6 weeks


Learn and develop a framework for finding and honing your stories
Understand when and how to use stories in business
Get comfortable with raising your voice and telling true stories
Increase the power of your communications on- and off-line
Practice crafting stories that bring your vision to life
Develop your leadership skills through empathy and authenticity

This course is for you if...

You need to influence decisions and outcomes through presentations, conversations, videos or websites. Our storytelling course will help you to increase your influence and impact wherever you work. Whether you need to communicate alone or as part of a team, we’ll give you the tools to connect with your audience with authenticity and purpose. 

What to expect

6 Modules

Each module is focused on a specific topic and includes video resources, reading list and a weekly assignment. 

12 hours of live class

Live workshops will be held on Tuesdays between 20,00 and 22,00 CET via Zoom. These will be highly interactive. 

Small class size

Class size will be limited to 25 to ensure the maximum personal attention and coaching.

Facebook Group

Interaction between the group and feed back on assignments will take place via a dedicated private Facebook group.

6 live Q&A webinar

We will run live Q&A webinars on Friday lunchtime. These will also be recorded and made available. 

Personalised feedback

You will get personalised written feedback from Katie on each story assignment you upload. 

Our Powerful Storytelling course starts in :


Katie Annice Carr

Artist, business coach, founder of Step Up Create and host of the Step Up Create Podcast, Katie Annice Carr has spent her career bridging business and the arts. Having fallen into a career in corporate communication, she quickly became aware of the impact of storytelling in business as she travelled the world pitching stories to journalists and writing and creating a fair few herself.

Katie has been teaching Storytelling courses for 10 years in leading business schools and companies. She is author of the narrative non-fiction book "Moderate Becoming Good Later"

Katie's believes in the impact of online training and her classes are interactive, personal and focused on helping participants get the best results possible.

Ready to enrol in our Powerful Storytelling Course?

Next edition: 12 February 2024

Live times: Tuesdays 8pm -10pm (CET)

Format: Online modules and live Zoom class

Duration: 6 weeks