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Wellbeing through Art Therapy

A humanist approach to personal development and change

Whether you are looking to work on something in particular or simply find a space to reflect and make sense of life’s ups and downs, Art Therapy can help. For the last 8 years we’ve been helping our clients on to live fuller, more conscious lives through individual and group sessions. We work with people of all ages and help clients face issues such as self-esteem, anxiety, eating disorders and loss. Based on Expressive Arts Therapy, Gestalt Therapy and Coaching, we harness the arts to enable our clients to focus on their inherent vitality, empowering them to enjoy life’s adventure.  

What we offer

Individual art therapy sessions

Individual Art Therapy

Totally tailored to your needs, we offer one-hour art therapy sessions in our studio in Barcelona.

Group Art Therapy sessions

Group Art Therapy

Experience the power of connection and sharing in our group therapy sessions.

Art therapy workshops

Art therapy-based workshops

Each month we offer an open workshop based on a particular development area. 

Online art therapy

Online Art Therapy

Online art therapy can be powerful too. We offer Zoom-based sessions for those further away.

This month’s art therapy-based workshop: 

Happy 2024

January may have gone by without a chance to reflect or plan for the new year, but contrary to popular belief, it’s not too late. Join us for this two-hour workshop where you’ll reflect on 2023 and create ideas and goals for 2024. Tuesday, February 20th, 2024 19:30-21:30 in our studio. 

What is Expressive Art Therapy?

Art Therapy encourages personal discovery and understanding through expression. Often what we are unable or unwilling to communicate verbally, can be communicated through artistic expression. Together the therapist and the client work on deciphering this expression as a way of understanding the client’s inner life. The role of the art therapist is often one of uncovering hidden thoughts or feelings, but never interpreting the expression of the client. 

Expressive Arts Therapy differs from traditional art therapy in that it harnesses all of the expressive arts in the therapeutic process. While you don’t need to have experience in any of the arts to start art therapy, there will be some you feel more comfortable with. By encouraging you to express yourself through different mediums, such as writing, movement, and music as well as painting, collage and drawing, Expressive Arts Therapy allows you to understand yourself from different perspectives, shedding a new light on any challenges you are facing. 

Personal & focused

No two clients are the same. Our sessions are based on your needs. We never assume to know how you face your challenges, but discover this together.

Empathy & Connection

We focus on the creation of a warm, safe space where we can explore issues big and small. It is a space where judgement is withheld and expression encouraged.

Confidential & Safe

The therapeutic space is based on connection and trust. What is shared in the sessions is confidential as are the sessions themselves.

What Do we Help Our Clients with?

Our clients come to us for lots of reasons, the most common tend to focus on elements of self-esteem, relationships and loss. The symptoms of these might for example be the start of an eating disorder, depression or lack of confidence. Through art therapy they are able to express themselves freely and in doing so, both discover more about the cause of the issue and develop ways to work on it.  




Current Art therapy Groups

We are open to creating 2 more groups, one general and one focused on dealing with loss. If you are interested in forming part of these, please contact us

Art therapy kids Arteterapia niños

Group Art Therapy for teenagers

Yo Art is an afterschool club where teenagers use art to talk about their emotions. It takes place on Mondays from 18,00-19,30 and is suitable for young people aged 11-14.

Art Therapy Group for Mums

This group aimed at supporting mums in balancing their life with parenting and expressing their challenges and victories, meets once a month on Wednesday evenings.

Katie Annice Carr executive coach leadership coach

Hi, I'm Katie!

I’m a qualified Expressive Arts Therapist with 8 years experience. I trained at IATBA in Barcelona, completing a two-year masters in Transdisciplinary Art Therapy and Human Development, and later a one-year Masters in Profesional Expressive Art Therapy. I’m also a Gestalt Therapist, having completed 3 years training at the Institut Gestalt in Barcelona. I’m a Professional Certified Coach with ICF and CTI.

As an artist, I work mostly with acrylic painting, but also explore other mediums. I am the author of the narrative non-fiction book “Moderate Becoming Good Later” (available at all good bookshops). My first degree was in Drama and I still enjoy being on stage: I’m part of a playback theatre group “Sincronia”. Finally I enjoy photography and bring that to my therapy sessions as well.

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