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Impactful training to free your creativity and boost your professional skills.


Powerful coaching for lasting change in business and life.

For Companies

Creativity, leadership and communication training for high-functioning teams.

Art and Wine

We’ve been promising it for a long time and now it’s here: Our very own take on Art & Wine evenings. 

Our boutique studio has space for up to 12 people. With 6 or more people you can reserve the whole space for your party or come along to one of our  open classes.

In each session we’ll take you through creating an acrylic on canvas painting, while you enjoy as much wine as you like. 

Upcoming courses

Effective Online Communication

Boost the impact of your online presentations and other communications. Practical fun workshops online, guaranteed to improve your communication skills.

Creativity School

Bright Creativity School (online)

Ready to develop your creativity through the arts? Try our creativity school for non-artists. Creativity is a slippery topic, but like a muscle you can train it.  

creative executive coaching Barcelona

Lead your Creative Life Coaching

Are you ready to take control of your life and make things happen? Our six-session coaching plan for maximum impact can help you make your visions a reality.

Bridging the gap between business and creativity

Impactful leadership development with the expressive arts


Reclaim, develop and unleash your creativity.


Inspire with impactful communication and storytelling


Understand, motivate and inspire yourself and others.


Build and develop your high impact teams.

Our Difference

We believe that by taking a creative approach to business and life our clients will increase their business and personal impact and live better.

Business Knowledge

We have extensive experience and knowledge in business and leadership. Our team holds MBAs from leading business schools and are certified coaches.

Art Practice

All our trainers and coaches also incorporate practice of the expressive arts into their lives as actors, artists, photographers, writers and storytellers.

Play and focus

We believe in balancing play with application and focus. Our workshops encourage a fun, open approach while also focusing on the goals.

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Want to improve your creativity? Get our free 10 page guide, with clear exercises to get you practicing

Creative Book Club

Join our book club to discuss our monthly read on a live Zoom call and our podcast.

Our Podcast

The Step Up Create Podcast is available on ApplePodcasts and Spotify comes out onTuesdays.

Hi I'm Katie

Artist, author, certified coach, seasoned facilitator and business school lecturer, I’ve long had one foot in the business world and the other in the arts. I help clients around the world harness the power of the expressive arts for their life and business. 

Katie Annice Carr executive coach leadership coach

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